Thursday, 24 May 2007

Daddy's Girls

Its about four glamorous daughters of Lord Oswald Balcon, money, murder and relationships. From Fendi handbags to Ivy League educations, they live in a world of designer labels and unrestricted opulence; their father's money and aristocratic status, coupled with their dazzling good looks, bought them every opportunity and advantage. They are beautiful, blond, and barely thirty, and the world is their luxury playground.

Elsdet: Venetia, the sophisticated interior designer, has booming professional success but is desperate for a child and an escape from a loveless marriage. Second: Camilla, the rising political star, is too brilliant and ambitious for any of her unworthy lovers to handle. Sweet yet savvy third sister: Cate is living out her ultimate dream, launching her own magazine, with an all-too-handsome business partner. The baby of the family, Serena, is one of the country's most beautiful actresses, reaching international stardom, but being a party-girl is bringing more scandal than success.

They are the darlings of the London paparazzi, but when Daddy turns up dead, the shadow of suspicion falls on his four daughters. A jealous tyrant, Daddy has tried to bring his daughters down all their lives. These four women -- at the top of their careers in show business, publishing, interior design, and politics -- must face an awful accusation, and each other, as they try to discover the truth that lies beneath the glossy surface of their lives. The facade of the Balcon family hides a web of deceit and betrayal, in which a thirty-year-old secret lurks, threatening to destroy them all.

The book did not give me the anticipation I expected, it did not peak at the moments desired. I'd give this book: 5/10.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Baby Proof- Emily Griffin

What happens when a couple breaks a promise?

They got married with a pact. They both don't want children. The agreement was comfortable for a long time. Until their travel partner/best couple friends changed their minds and got pregnant.
Things started to become more obvious. He now wants a child. She still doesn't want any children and is strongly against his decision.
They got a divorce. It was quick and she thought it was painless.
She met someone and thought he met someone too.
She then realise that the new person she was with is not someone she is in love with.

Typical love story, but with one point in mind. The whole topic was about babies and how not to have them.
How relationship can change so quickly, and it simply shows how we now days are so quick to move on.

Interesting read, took me only 2 days to finish, as I could not put the book down.

For One More Day-Mitch Albom

He thought he was a failure. He grew up following his dad's advice and ignoring his mum's distress. He was a good student in school, his mom was proud. His dad left one night. His mom had to work as a cleaner to bring her 2 kids up. He never saw his dad, until one day his dad then interfered, came back into his life, wanted him to be a famous football player. He left college thinking he can be rich by playing football. All is well, until he was left injured. That was his last game.
His dad left him soon after that.

His mom's birthday- his dad called. He thought it was to wish his mom a "Happy Birthday". His dad actually wanted to tell him to play football for an opening game of the league. It was called "Old Timers Game".
He searched for excuses. He found one. He said he had to attend a meeting. His customer wants him to fly down right that very night.
That was the last time he saw his mom. His mom died of heart attack the next morning.

He had a perfect wife. One who cared for him for whatever he was. But, his depression and love for alcohol pushed his wife and little girl away. He did not attend his girls wedding, he wasn't even invited, actually.

He drove one night, with no sleep and plenty of alcohol in his body. He crashed into the divider, and he floated out of his body.

He was dying. He went home. And it was like he never left. His mom greeted him and they chatted, ate and went for a walk.
He then understood, he got a day for with his mom. To be with her, to apologise and to have her in his life, for one more day.....