Thursday, 6 March 2008

Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult

I finished reading this book in one week. (This is quite quick for me, since I was on a business trip and trying hard to concentrate on work back home and the work that was accumulating during my trip). I enjoyed it very very much.

Its about how both parents handle the fact that their child was sexually abused. (Yes, it's kinda morbid to think about it), but the writer have managed to get you into the book, imagining yourself else either the mother or the father of the 5 yr old.
The mother is an attorney, so it made it worse. She knew the "rules" and she knew how to get the perpetrator to be convicted. And she did. But then, on the first day of the court case, she killed him. In court, in front of her husband and her best friend, who happens to be a police officer.
The story then took a swift turn to the fact that SHE is no longer the victim, but the person whom she thought was the one who molested her child.
And she was wrong. She later found out that she has killed the wrong person.

Want to know the rest? I highly recommend this book.

Rating: 10/10!!!