Sunday, 28 June 2009

Everyone Worth Knowing...

When I first picked this book up, I wasn't (I meant "couldn't") really concentrate on the book, as I was more interested in baby books. So after 3 chapters, I gave up.
But I picked it up again last week and to my surprise, I couldn't put it down at all. It's what every girl should read!

Twentysomething graduate, Bette Robinson left her high-paying yet excruciatingly boring job at a prestigious investment bank after a particularly condescending exchange with her boss (who sends her daily inspirational e-mails). After a few weeks of sleeping late, watching Dr. Phil and entertaining her dog Millington, Bette's gay uncle scores her a job at an up-and-coming public relations firm, where her entire job seems to revolve around staying out late partying and providing fodder for clandestine gossip columns. Bette then started climbing up the social ladder at the expense of her friends, family, and the one guy who actually seems worth pursuing....things get complicated when all the partying and hooking up with a guy (she later finds out has more then one skeleton in his closet) just to climb up the corporate ladder...her life couldn't be more complicated as "Ellie Insider" a famous Gossip Columnist is out to 'get' her by continuously sprawling her daily updates in the column ...

I'd give the book 9/10...

Monday, 15 June 2009

The Friday Knitting Club

I have been away for a while as I was on maternity leave. One would think that we have more time to read when you're on maternity leave. I was very wrong...:) I spent most of my time with my baby, and when baby's asleep, I log on Internet to get some work done. I did manage to finish off (sort of), 1 book though. But I couldn't call it complete reading. I did fast forward a few pages when I thought nothing much happens in the chapter.
Don't get me wrong though. The book was not at all boring. Just I didn't have time to read word for word on every pages.

Whats it about?

Georgia, a single mom to Dakota (12 yrs old), runs a knitting shop, Walker and Daughter in Manhattan with the help of her good friend, Anita, who was slightly much older and richer then her. Anita lost her beloved husband, and was trying to find things to do to keep her occupied. Upon meeting Gerogia, who was heavily pregnant and didn't have a job, she decided to help Georgia out with giving her a loan to help open a knitting shop. Which became successful and famous which draws loyal customers and a few oddballs. Darwin Chiu, a feminist grad student, who believes knitting is downright old-fashioned, but she's drawn to the club when her young marriage is on the rocks. Lucie, 42, a television producer, is about to become a single mother. Alone without a husband, she takes into liking for knitting as it helps her "move on". A book editor KC finds her career has stalled unexpectedly, and Peri, who works at Walker and Daughter by day and designs handbags at night.
Georgia then had an unexpected visitor, two of them, in fact, one, her long lost best friend, who ditched her the minute she got into college which Georgia turned down, and second was Dakota's father, who was hoping for a second chance.
And an unexpected tragedy peaks the moment for the book, which I would not want to reveal to spoil the ending for those who have not read the book.

Ratings: 6/10