Sunday, 18 November 2007

Queen Of Babble

By: Meg Cabot

Fresh out of the Univ. of Michigan with a B.A. in history of fashion, Lizzie Nichols sets off across the pond to spend the summer with British boyfriend Andrew, whom she barely knows. When Lizzie learns that Andrew isn't the man she imagined, she changes direction and heads for France, where her best friend Shari is working at Château Mirac in the Dordogne wine country. En route, she meets Jean-Luc de Villiers, a French-American hottie whose father owns the château, and who would be so easy to fall in love with if he weren't already taken. Lizzie discovers sixteenth-century wineries, kir royals and vintage Givenchy dresses stored in the attic, while matching wits with Jean-Luc's ambitious girlfriend. Although blunt dialogue about oral sex adds a titillating edge, the book is sweet to the core.

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Ratings: 5/5

Memoirs are made of this

By: Swan Adamson

Very similar to "Devil Wears Prada". The writer is typical wicked and very hilarious novel brought me to the world of journalism, badly behaved girl who is funny and sometimes heroic. :)

She not only did fantastical work for her Sex column writer boss, she even made a name for herself by keeping the biggest secrets in journalism and revealing it at the most perfect timing.

But it took me too long to finish it, therefore this is one book I read while waiting for my doctor's appointment.

Ratings: 3/5