Monday, 2 May 2011

Mummy, Come Home

By Oxana Kalemi

Based on a true story, a mother who is desperate to get back to her children was brutally beaten, raped, sold etc. Life was horrible for her ever since she was born. Her parents were poor, her father was a wife beater and her mother was an alcoholic.
Life was not any better for her when she turned 14. She was raped. And then she met her loving husband where she thought life was slowly turning to the better.
But that changed when she got pregnant.
And after 3 pregnancies, she was desperate. The only option was to work abroad.
She left initially for 6 months. Things were slightly better when she was abroad and earning $200 per month. But she wanted more.
She met a lady whom she thought she could trust. She paid the lady $300 for tickets and permit to work in a bar in Bosnia.
When her friend didn't proceed with the journey together with her, she then realized that things were not right.
She was sold.
Raped and sold too many times.
She traveled across Europe illegally with her many pimps.
She ended up working in a Brothel in England. Where she made friends with a Turkish girl who ended up helping her to "escape".

Ratings: 10/10

It took me 2 days to finish reading the book. If you are into real life drama, this is one book you should not miss!

I realized that my life is so blessed and much simpler after reading this book.