Monday, 20 August 2007

Confession of an Old Boy-Kam Raslan

It took me the weekend to finish this "Dato Hamid's Adventures". Brilliant, funny, somewhat slapstick, has a tint of British Humor. I love it.

He started out with stories from the past, times when he was in Uni. At a young age, how he met and lost friends, "the wife" never left out in any of the stories. He ended it as a successful politician in the millennium age. There was love, crime/murder, sex, band, lust- all in one book.

My personal ratings: 10/10

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Infernal Affair by Jane Heller

This book is quite funny. Its quite far out as well. Husband left her for some other women, someone younger, prettier, blonder...etc etc. So one night, she was depressed, drunk and slightly mad. She asked for help from God. (or she thought it was God).
Then things got better for her. She did better in work (the week before, she nearly lost her job), she lost her husband, she was getting fatter etc etc. But after that speech she made to God, she woke up with a blonder hair, bigger tits, shapely body, and a dog! (Dog called Pete whom she thought was lost).

She thought she was doing well, as she met such a handsome bloke, sold the most expensive house to him (so no bye bye to work) and she scored a date with the handsome and rich bloke. The downside, she has bad breath.

So, the first night with him, after dinner, in his bedroom, she found out the worse of his traits. He has a tail. As in a tail attached to his bum.
And then she also found out that he is a Darksider. Darksider men have tails, and Darksider women have bad breath.

So shes a darksider...

The rest- well, you have just got to read it! Its well funny!

Ratings - 7/10