Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sons of a Fortune

By: Jeffrey Archer

I loved the book. I have had the books for a few years and forgot about it. Finally read it when we were refurnishing the house and rearranging the "library".

Basically, 2 brothers (twins) were born a few minutes apart in the local hospital, the same hospital where this rich political couple were about to deliver a baby after a few miscarriages. The doctor could not tell the couple that they baby did not survive.
The twins were separated since then. One grew in a political family, the other with his original parents. The nurse switched the baby then became the nanny for one of the twins. And she kept the secret to her grave. And so did the doctor- who did not have confirmation that it happened, but guessed as much, as he was the one that delivered the other baby that died.

The went to different colleges. They only crossed paths through friends. They never met.

Only after about 35 years later, when one is a successful lawyer, the other an accountant. Who also was a national her as he went served in the Vietnam war.

Though the book is very long, and as the "third person" you can actually hope for them to cross path. Jeffrey Archer made all the tiny details impossible for them not to meet. But they only met after one fateful accident. When the senator (the younger brother) crashed his car, he lost a lot of blood.

I will not say what happened next in this synopsis, that will just kill the ending for those who wants to read the book! :)

Ratings: 10/10- Ive always loved Jeffrey Archer

Sunday, 2 August 2009


By: Sanjeev Bhaskar

Dry British Humor, which I love, Sanjeeve, being himself exploring into what we know as "third world". From high rise buildings to slumps. From first class international food to road side food which made him ill and running to the loo.

I never knew India produced so many different kinds of teas. I never knew that most Indians speaks fluent English, with British accent. I also never knew they have the same humor as the British..

This book brings us along with Sanjeev, a tv host in England, who wanted to learn about his roots..His typical British humor makes this book an easy read, too easy that I needed to read another book to keep me going.
It has some insignificant parts which made me turn the pages even faster. But it also thought me many things I didnt know about India.
For those who are adventurous, would probably want to take the next flight to India after reading this book...

Rating: 7/10