Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Partner

By John Grishom

Initially, when I read the book, I never thought I would be so hooked on it. But John Grishom's books always are. And the ending was so unpredictable! I love the way he writes and how he can take the readers into his mind and become the character in the book. I felt the pain when the character was being questioned brutally, I felt the sadness when he lost the ones he loved and I felt the pain he felt when he decided some things that changed his life forever.

Its basically about a lawyer, who faked his death and went away with 90 million dollars which his company was trying to embezzle from another. And he was not part of it. Not the fact that he wanted to be part of it. But one thing led to the other, he hated his so called friends in the company, he hated his wife who was sleeping with her long term ex boyfriend, and he hated his life.

He planned everything, and he got away for 4 years. He fell in love and the love if is life helped him with his plan. Another lawyer, who helped him how to "dispose" the money if he was caught, and they have also made profit from the 90 million. And then they caught him. He could pay them off, together with the charges and still had about 30 million left for him and his soul mate.

It's one of those Must reads books. I will not spoil the ending here. But I must add, I have given in 10 out of 10. John Grishom has done it again!