Sunday, 9 December 2007

Testing Kate

By: Whitney Gaskel
Ratings: 8/10

Writer takes us to University days (or in the States, they call it college), whereby Kate meets 5 friends in her law class. Lexi- beautiful and flirtatious, Jen- married and settled (or so it seems), Dana- youngest, smartest, quietest and the first to tremble after final results from first year was out, Addison- cute and crazy and finally, Nick- gorgeous, goes for anything walking and in skirts. He is also her neighbour, who suddenly finds himself attracted to her. Problem is, Kate has a fiance'. Who is secured, stable, handsome, and a doctor.

Kate has other problem. One of her professor is out to fail her. Simply because she was late and was not prepared for his first class...

This "college" story reminds me a whole lot about my university days. Who is dating whom, who is married, who is shagging whom and who likes to flash their bits off when their drunk.

Its not funny "har har" type, but its smooth flowing, easy read and some part of it puts a smile to my face as writer managed to take me back to my university days effortlessly.