Sunday, 10 June 2007

The Guy Not Taken

Jennifer Weiner's first few short stories when she started writing. One of the best stories she wrote was when a women happily married with a kid wanted to check what her ex boyfriend and his soon to be wife will get for their wedding. She actually went online to check the wedding list, and one thing led to another. She deleted the bride to be name and put her own. Woke up being married to her ex. Totally new house, no baby and he ex was sleeping next to her, on his bed, in his house.

Her short story book started with the youngest character and ended with an old lady being hold hostage by two teenage sisters, one was pregnant. Most of the stories are based on 2 sisters, just like the made famous by Cameran Diaz "In Her Shoes"

I was a bit lost the first 3 stories, as I actually thought they were interlinked, and then realised they were actually short stories... Doh'

Ratings: 6/10